Xecryo and his family grew up on Balmorra. His mother worked as a biochemist while his father was a fleet captain. At a young age he started showing force sensitivity which earned him the jealousy of his older brother Cyreoth. His family was broken up when the sith invaded Balmorra. His father betrayed the republic and became a collaborator for the sith hoping to earn a position in the sith military. Xecryo's mother attempted to flee with her children but was forced to leave Cyreoth behind. Once safely in republic space Xecryo was brought to Tython to be trained eventually working his way up to master. Xecryo eventually heard word that his father was killed by a sith lord after an embarrassing failure. He had assumed both his brother was killed as well although he sensed something strange in the force regarding the matter. In truth his brother was taken as a slave and eventually displayed his own force sensitivity. Cyreoth was taken into become a sith and has since made it his goal to impose his own rule wherever possible and take revenge on his brother proving himself the better once and for all...


Xecryo is very quiet and stoic in most regards. He becomes most vocal when he finds something intriguing or requiring input. While he has not yet taken a padawan many say he would be an excellent teacher given his propensity for intellectual pursuits and his fondness of proverbs. This in turn as also earned him the nicknames of Professor and Walking Fortune Cookie. In truth Xecryo still holds a great deal of anger for many things in particular his father's actions. He struggles daily to keep that anger in check although in lightsaber combat it can bubble to the surface. That being said he prefers to support his allies using force techniques.


Literature, Archaeology, History, Lightsaber Crystals, Philosophy, Writing, studying Combat tactics.

Miscellaneous DetailsEdit

Calls his lightsaber Starburn. Ship name is The Athena.


Cyreoth (Brother and enemy), Erebus (Frequent sith enemy), Cor'jaga (Bounty Hunter usually allied with Cyreoth), Coreoth (Imperial Agent often used by both Cyreoth and Erebus)