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The First AA War Council

A War Council is a meeting in which the 'state of the guild' is discussed amongst the members of the Ascension. During a War Council the organizer presents the topics to be discussed. These topics generally include, but are not limited to:

  • Guild-wide RP plot and story progession
  • Formal acknowledgement of adversaries and allies
  • Establishment of Guild-wide RP goals
  • An open table for members to present what has been going on in their own characters RP

War Council In Character Reports Edit

Les' report regarding the 1st Aeternum Ascension War Council. (Held April 20th, 2012)

"Several hours had passed since the War Council had concluded and Les had finally finished his record. The War Council had gone far better than he had anticipated, as many of the Ascension had been able to take time from their busy lives to make it and contributed to the council greatly.

He looked over the report once more to ensure clarity.

Master Sedin's debriefing of the assault on the Imperial spaceport on Alderaan

The following is a summary of Master Sedin's debriefing:

"During the raid, we were able to deal a severe blow to imperial operations on Alderaan by causing massive damage to the imperial spaceport as well as implanting a computer virus, codename RKGV001, to the spaceport control systems, which also was broadcast to any imperial vessel in the vicinity. This caused critical failures in the navigational systems of these vessels and caused many to simply drop from the sky. However, precautions were taken to ensure that the vessels infected with this virus were military in nature, as to avoid unnecessary civilian casualties.

The assault was a three pronged approach. Two teams infiltrated the spaceport, planting explosives and implanting the virus, and a third group was to enter the imperial stronghold to retrieve nobles that had been sympathetic to the republics cause on alderaan, but had been taken captive by the empire. Unfortunately, this approach was met with heavy resistance from both local security forces and an alarming number of sith lords, bounty hunters and other imperial agents. The group fought bravely, but ultimately was forced to abandon the rescue operation. Further details on this are unfolding and future missions to rescue these nobles, as well as further the Republic cause on Alderaan, and other planets, will be developed."
It is also this officers opinion that applications for future iterations of the RKGV001 virus should certainly be investigated as well.

Kezie and the Seraphims guild, formal declaration of adversarial relations I provided the following information on the sith fundamentalist group known as "The Seraphims" and their leader Kezie:
"Next, I’d like to bring up a new threat that has developed. Recently, there have been several abductions of force sensitive republic citizens. These abductions seem to be tied to a group of sith fundamentalists led by a terrorist known as Kezie. One of our operatives has retrieved information that has revealed that this terrorist group, known as the Seraphims, has been abducting force sensitive individuals from both the republic and the empire. As of late, Kezie has been utilizing a mysterious group of hunters from Tattooine to do his dirty work.

I, personally, was assaulted by these villains while working to contain the rakghoul outbreak on Tattooine. I was surrounded and they demanded we release one of their brethren from our custody. Naturally, I refused and a fight ensued. Were it not for Master Berethar and Junko, I would have been captured myself. They actually managed to capture one of our members, a ship captain by the name of Doop. His whereabouts, as of yet, have not been recovered.

Because of the imminent threat posed by Kezie and his rogue organization, I have convened with the high council and we have declared them enemies of the Ascension. Any member of this organization is to be approached with extreme caution. Soon we will be mounting a rescue operation to free Doop from the Seraphims. Any who wish to participate in this rescue attempt… your efforts would be appreciated. There will be a broadcast over the AAHQ holofrequency when we are to undertake the effort."

Many of our members were intensely concerned with these developments. An interrogation of the hunter we have in custody will soon be undertaken by myself and Master Irillda to get a better understanding of where Kezie may be and what his goals may be.

Captain Ashelyn Redgrave's discussion Following the report on the Seraphim organization, Ashelyn added that these fundamentalists were not the only sith behind the mysterious kidnapping of our force-sensitive citizens. Araxia, an apprentice of Darth Starscreamer, had kidnapped Ashelyn's sister Tana. While in the custody of Araxia, Tana was exposed to a great deal of 'sith experimentation'. During this experimentation, Tana was implanted with several modifications which would enhance her abilities at the cost of severely detrimental physical (and mental?) side effects. It is Tana's wish that we do not explore this technology.

I will be issuing an order to any available SIS agents to obtain more information on this matter. As of now, Ashelyn has worked out a deal with a chiss Imperial Agent by the name of Tarwyn to retrieve more information. I will be discussing more details with Ashelyn in the next few days.

Admiral Cyromas' Confederacy of Stars Were this an official report to the Republic Army, this section would not appear in that report. Seeing as how this information is only available to members of the Ascension, I have chosen to include the details.

Admiral Cyromas announced at the war council that his Confederacy of Stars was actively recruiting smugglers and other similar characters. This branch of the Ascension would prove useful for operating in situations where either Jedi or Republic Military involvement would not be appropriate.

Like most organizations of similar membership, I expect the Confederacy would have 'ulterior' motives, however, whenever civilians put their lives on the line in the name of a government cause, it is my belief that adequate compensation be provided.

I do not know much more about this organization, however, I'm sure interested parties will get in touch with Cyromas.

Berolas on Ruldor's absence Near the end of the council, Ruldors brother, Berolas, wished to let everyone know why Ruldor had been absent over the last couple weeks. Ruldor had been critically injured on Alderaan. He is recovering, but is wisely pacing himself.

We all asked Berolas to give Ruldor our regards and well wishes. If there is anything that Ruldor needs, then I believe every effort must be made to ensure his recovery is swift, his presence is greatly missed within the trooper ranks.

As Les finished reading the report, he let out a small sigh. So much had been going on. The Ascension had at last come through its internal strife, but the hard times... Well, they had only just scratched the surface. Les ran a hand over his balding head and then to his scarred face, his expression growing a bit more grim. In his opinion, the Ascension was the last, best hope for intergalactic freedom. He only hoped when the time came to meet these challenges, that the enemy would suffer far more than the Ascension."

War Council organization and meetings Edit

As of yet, there is no set dates on which War Council events will be held.