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The Jedi of the Ascension perform the mind wipe, while Cyromas looks on.

The trial of Adasa was conducted on April 1st, 2012. Once the trial was concluded, it was decided that Adasa's mind must be force wiped.

Initial announcement Edit

On March 25th, 2012 Cyromas issued thee anticipated trial announcement via Holo-transmission over the AA IC chat channel :

I, Admiral Cyromas, charge of the Confederacy of the Stars, under the employ of the Aeternum Ascension have been called to prosecute the traitorous criminal ADASA. In one weeks time he shall stand trial for his wrong-doings.

I ask now for any and all witnesses to his transgressions to step forward and give their reports. All evidence shall be collected.

It is of this council's opinion that the villain should be put to death, and this punishment shall be pursued!

Seek council among your ranks. Bring forth all that you have.

- Cyromas out.

Witnesses Edit

Admiral Cyromas called Ashelyn, Tana and Mytra as witnesses to Adasa's crimes. During the cross-examination the holo-transmission unexpectedly cut out.

Verdict Edit

With the loss of the key witness transmission, the prosecution decided to opt for the defenses plea recommendation, a complete mind wipe of Adasa.

It was determined that Adasa would be given the memories of being a jedi war hero, who had trained from a young age to be a Jedi and safe-guards put into place to ensure that this memory wipe couldn’t be undone without a considerable amount of effort and help.