Tangaroa grew up in a relatively-normal household, with non-force wielding parents. Until the age of six, she lived on the relatively peaceful planet Corella. Since her mother and father both prioritized their business opportunities over their child, Tangaroa was raised by her care taker. Ever since she can remember, regardless if she wants to or not, Tangaroa has been quite clumsy. This is fortunate, though, as her clumsiness helped her acquire the right attention for the force powers she naturally had. Cuts and scrapes would heal within minutes, previously-injured wild animals would be good-as-new again, and she had an affinity for pebbles. Her care taker had a hard time controlling this exploratory toddler, and eventually news got out to the small society of Jedi on Corella. Her parents regretted not being a major part of her life, but could see why this was fortunate. Tangaroa was taken to Tython to train soon after leaving Corella. Chosen by the Order to become a Sage, this young consular finds comfort in the healing of others (as well as the occasional throwing of rocks).


Although stubborn in her beliefs and morals, she does her best to follow the Order's rule and 'ideals'. However there are a few she will not follow due to moral-conflicts. Although she expresses her emotions when she believes that injustice has gone too far, she is able to control her emotions (most of the time). She believes that people should never be sacrificed for 'peace'(avoidance for convenience), and mainly wishes to help those that need help the most. This drive allows her to use her emotions to her advantage, seeing logical viewpoints few others wouldn't conceive. She also tends to be a peacekeeper, preferring a peaceful (and non-violent) resolution, albeit no lives are sacrificed.


Tangaroa has always found an affinity with nature-worlds, seeing as she grew up in Corella. She also has issues with technology - she understands the items completely, they just seems to malfunction all the time when she uses them. She also tends to pick up unwanted or injured animals on her journeys, which take residence on her ship, or eventually find their way back into the wild.

She also enjoys telling and listening to tales in the Republic Fleet's main cantina. She can often be found there, talking and relaxing with guild members.


Tangaroa enjoys clay as a medium, and often sculpts with it when she has the chance. Tython was known for it's abundance of clay, and she took advantage of this.


She made fast friends with Kharde when she first came to Tython, finding the Miraluka interesting and amusing. They were often found in the workshop, either working on something they weren't supposed to, or Tangaroa quietly healing a wound Kharde managed upon himself.