Skypp 02

Skypp Destin - Free Trader

species: Human
gender: male
age: 19 standard years (in 12 ATC)
homeworld: Dantooine
occupation: free trader

Physical DescriptionEdit

Skypp is not a big guy - well under six feet and wiry - but compensates with a certain swagger as well as an impressive set of sideburns to try to look older than he is. As his face is weathered and somewhat care-worn, he mostly succeeds.

He favors sharply styled synthleather apparel tailored to flatter his trim build, but usually wears an old spacer's flak-jacket over this when in potentially dangerous circumstances which in his line of work are frequent.

His features are on the plain side of handsome with broad cheeks, heavy brows and a strong chin. His hair is an unexceptional brown, as are his eyes. His expression is by turns shrewdly wary or sardonic and his demeanor fluctuates between brash and cooly professional.


Orphaned when sabotuers caused the Republic transport Dauntless to crash into the reactor bunker of Hallo City Spaceport on Ord Hallitron, killing his parents on board, Skypp was raised by an aunt and uncle on the windswept prairies of Dantooine, where the sky is big and there isn't much else to look at.

On the high prairie, the distant Jedi enclave and the history of Sith attacks upon this are recalled dimly as something long ago and far away. Both Jedi and Sith are largely regarded as four-letter words for trouble among plain farm folk who just want to be left alone to get on with life.

But by the time Skypp was seven, the Great Galactic War was over (grim adults headshaking over the armistice) and by the time he was fifteen stories of the conflict and its heroes and the far flung worlds where they had fought occupied his interest far more than the latest model of harvest droid for the endless quinoa fields of home.

Khoonda Spacer Academy offered an escape from the tedium, and with the cautious permission of his foster parents ("Stay away from that Jedi place - you don't need that kind of hassle"), Skypp enrolled, excelled, and graduated with first class crewman's credentials in under two years.

He instantly accepted the place offered him on the free trader Auric Wind, having taken up with the freighter's affable captain (whose trade along the Mytos Arrow hyperlanes frequently took him through Dantooine System), almost as soon as he'd enrolled at the academy.

There was inevitably some tension between Skypp and Gunner, the captain's established partner aboard. But Gunner had the same unaffected demeanor and simple good nature as the young Dantoonian, and couldn't maintain a rivalry for long ("There's not enough room for that kind of thing in space").

Skypp proved adept with cargo manifests and other freighter concerns, and Gunner made no objection when, after rather less than a year aboard, Skypp was made First Mate, handling much of Auric Wind's business.

So when Captain Corrin fell prey to a mysterious malady that left him, first, comatose in a medical facility run by the Freighters' Aid Society on Corellia and then, later, frozen in carbonite until a cure for his degenerative contition could be found, it was Skypp who assumed the captain's duties (but not title), and Gunner who steadied him along the way.

Skypp keeps the Auric Wind flying, and keeps the com channels open for any word of a research breakthrough that might mean a second chance for Captain Corrin, and keeps Gunner close to cover his back in the unchancy world of free trade in the Cold War era, another wild card dealt to the galaxy by the incident on Ord Hallitron - the Dauntless legacy.


A couple years of increasingly risky underworld dealing has given Skypp a somewhat cynical edge, but by and large he remains the solid, dependable and essentially kind person his aunt and uncle raised him to be.

He handles uncertainty and danger with offbeat humor and occasionally brings trouble on himself (and Gunner) with his pencheant for mischief. He takes a jaded view of the law. A blockade of all foodstuffs to an interdicted system might be legal, and smuggling food past this may be a criminal act, but sometimes crime is the right thing to do.

And some matters are simply no one's business to legislate. Spice exists, and people who want it will find it, so it comes down to whether those who will supply it will deal fairly and decently with their customers or not. And in a dangerous galaxy, people do need weapons, and those without blasters are at the mercy of those with, and no harm comes of evening those odds.

All the same, he destests predatory criminals, bullies and officious agents who make much of their authority, and if this puts him up against uneven odds to support the underdog, that is just the kind of challenge he likes. Gunner seems to feel the same way, so they get along quite well.


Flying, playing sabacc, trick shooting, spice beer, underworld rumor, fair deals, starships, keeping his word, hot spacer guys, blasters, dirty holos, Gunner.

Allies and EnemiesEdit

Skypp is cautiously friendly to a wholly amoral Rattataki bounty-hunter who operates much more freely in Imperial space, and who can thus provide news and contacts otherwise out of reach - as he can, Republic-side, in return. The two are careful to avoid conflicts of interest and steer clear of ground that might put them into opposition.

Skypp has seen enough of Sith sorcery to have developed a healthy fear of it, and steers as far clear of any Imperial entanglements as he can. He has learned the hard way that Sith lords are not invincible, however, and will face them if he must. He worries, quite reasonably, that should this become anything like a habit, he will quickly find himself on some Sith hit list, which is nowhere he wants to be.