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Les 'Deathbringer' Valen

Major Les 'Deathbringer' Valen is an officer in the Republic Army, currently serving with the Ascension to end the threat posed by the numberous enemies of galactic peace.


The Valen family has deep roots in the Republic military with a heritage that can be tracked back without doubt for 10 generations of soldiers and family legend indicated the Valen banner was flown even in the days of the Unification Wars.

Les is no exception to this family tradition. He began his now lifelong career 28 years ago on his family's homeworld of Alderaan at the age of 16. Enlisted for much of his career as a non-comissioned soldier, he entered into Special Forces nearly 10 years after the Great War broke out and served in an elite unit that mounted several high risk and highly classified missions, including the boarding of an Imperial Dreadnaught which led to the deaths of the infamous Dread Masters.

It was only a short time later that Les found himself home at Alderaan again, getting some much needed R&R when the empire struck. He and and a platoon of his comrades found themselves suddenly tied up in a desperate struggle to keep the beloved planet out of Sith hands. Les earned his title of "Deathbringer" that day in the bloodiest battle of his military career.

After the stunning victory of Alderaan, Les spent time training militiamen for House Organa and the republic until the treacherous Empire forced the Republic into the Treaty of Coruscant. Les was at that time reassigned to Ord Mantell where he was given a commission and promotion to the rank of Captain as well as the command of a recently fractured Special Forces squad which he was tasked with rebuilding.

After assembling a highly skilled team of the Republic’s finest, Captain Les “Deathbringer” Valen and his squad spearheaded a massive operation against an imperial starbase settled near the galactic core. The nature of the starbase remains classified, however it is known that thanks to the heroism of Les and his squad, the starbase was destroyed and any imperial presence in the area was flushed out. For the outstanding performance and service that Les had displayed to the Republic, he was awarded the rank of Major.

Les was then informed of an organization that may be able to employ his skills in further operations against the empire, an organization that had been founded of his home world of Alderaan. The organization was known as Aeternumn Ascension. Now, at the age of 46, Les stands with the Ascension, ready to meet any enemy head on.