Lasmin hails from Mirial, where he attended one of the many academies on the planet. At the age of five, he and his twin sister Nedalya permanently left the place where they was born to go and fully work on their studies. He has always wanted to explore places outside his home world. Occasionally, Jedi would visit the school scouting out possible force sensitive students, bringing trinkets and pieces of art from places outside of the sandy world he grew up on. Lasmin was always enthralled by these things that were shown to him, and it became habit to be the first student the Jedi saw when they arrived. On one such day, a Jedi that often came to the academy told him that they were going to be taking someone away to train. He was ecstatic, having always dreamed of being a Jedi. This happiness came crashing down however, when they told him it was his sister, not he that they were taking away.

After Nedalya left the school to go train in a Jedi institution on the planet, he felt utterly alone. At the age of fourteen, he was no longer the outgoing child that friends of his knew. He stopped meeting the visiting Jedi in favour of focusing on in studies and meditations. Although he did well on testing, (receiving top marks in negotiations, for which he revived a traditional tattoo on his left hand) he moved farther away from interacting form others to the point where he would be hard pressed to find someone who he could call a friend.

Lasmin finished his study at the age of eighteen, and after saying one last goodbye to the school, left to go visit his family. Once he arrived; he was overjoyed to find his sister, who he hasn’t seen in over ten years, waiting for him. Despite this, and the fact that soon into the visit he received the pair of facial tattoos under his eyes, Lasmin was still unable to return to his former, happy self. Despite Nedalya’s best efforts. When his parents asked him what he was going to do with his life, he responded that he wanted to leave Mirial and visit the other worlds of the galaxy, aiding the Galactic Republic. Nedalya thought that this was amazing, and he was perhaps returning to the person he once was. This was only half true. Rather than a wonder lust to visit the galaxy, in his mind, helping the Republic was the number one thing he needed to accomplish.

His parents gave him credits and well wishes and he took the first shuttle off world that was possible, to Nar’Shaddaa. It was there that he learned the galaxy outside of Mirial wasn’t as perfect as he though. Determined to find a way to help the Republic, he used the last bit of the credits his parents had given to him to buy a rundown star ship that, using some of the few words in basic he could say properly, named it Fire Crest. Star ship piloting wasn’t a strong point of his, considering he had never done it before, but he managed to get it off the ground and flying with little damage. Arriving in Coruscant, Lasmin was shocked to find out that with his experience, the best way he could aid the fight against the Sith Emipre was to become a Privateer. Although in his mind he thought that this was simply a glorified pirate, he accepted, and started the journey he wanted to so long ago.


Lasmin is a quite individual, unlike most others in his trade. He’s never very sure of himself, and will be the first to question his own abilities. He attempts to look into the future as often as he can, and believes that his past doesn’t affect him. While that may be true in his head, he still has trouble making and keeping friends.


Visiting new places and a good glass of Alderaanian wine.

Miscellaneous DetailsEdit

Lasmin often speaks Mirialan to himself, and doesn’t expect others to. He’s quite surprised when non- Mirialans speak it, and makes a point of not speaking it around them.


He dabbles in drawing, but doesn’t consider himself good at it.


Lasmin has carried on from his childhood and still has little friends, but he has gained trust in fellow Smugglers Tuesday and Cyromas.