Most children born and raised on Coruscant dream and fantasize about being a Jedi, Hassedo was not "most children". Born to simple parents who owned and operated a small repair shop that often worked on small non-sensitive military items. It was because of this contact that Hassedo was able to meet and listen to the tales of some of the older soldiers who had served their time on the front lines across the galaxy. As he got older who wanted to learn more about the Republic military, and one fateful week he got a crash course in just that. A small uprising in his district got out of hand and resulted in military intervention. Hassedo was able to see the precision and efficiency as the Special Forces squad quickly made their way into the ring leaders command post and neutralized any further threat with minimal weapon fire and NO casualties. With a renewed faith in the Republic Military he made his mind up at that moment and the day he turned 18 he enlisted to begin a career serving the people of the Republic, to offer them safety, give them hope, defend those in need, and always stand guard against any who would harm those whom he has pledged with his life to keep safe.


Loyal, honest to a fault, believes without question that the Republic is and will always keep her citizens safe, loves a good fight .. especially when its a good cause, willing to give his last drop of blood to defend his friends, family and Republic


All forms of rifles and explosives, on the rare occasion that there is down time, he loves to spend it with friends catching up with them over a cold drink or a good meal.

Miscellaneous DetailsEdit

Younger bother named Devlar who is force sensitive and went to the Jedi Academy when he was very young, adoptive Chiss son named Gowron, he too is a Jedi.