Anaris Helghan

Birthright and FenrisEdit

The boy who grew up to become the Sith Darth Haelen was born on Sulon, moon of the planet Sullust. Born into a small agricultural community, the young boy grew up with many aspirations. Of the many, he most wanted to become a person of balance, of justice, to right the wrongs that people ignored. Much of this mentality stemmed from his community’s caste system, which treated its lower “castes” as slaves, to which the boy had many contentions with.

In his community’s customs, at the age of 13, children are given a “birthright” which was determined by a village elder, one’s birthright was a determination of their task for life, and to not follow was punishable by death. Haelen was tasked to becoming Justicar, which meant that as he had aspirated to be, he would be justice itself, right the wrongs of society and protect those who could not protect themselves. Life had seemed perfect for the young boy; however, no one could have predicted how the boy’s life would forever be changed….

Nearly 3 months after receiving his birthright, an imperial battlecrusier orbited Sulon. The ship was commanded by Darth Fenris, who was searching for sith and rakata artifacts to augment his powers. Eventually Fenris had made his way towards the community where Haelen had lived, and could feel that the boy (unbeknownst to himself) was indeed force sensitive. However in learning what he could about the community Fenris knew that Haelen would never “naturally” join him. Using manipulation, and force persuasion Fenris told Haelen of the of the Jedi and the Sith but switched their roles, stating that the Jedi were the bane of the galaxy, terrorizing and harming the innocent, and the Sith were indeed the guardians of justice and righteousness. When Fenris had shown Haelen the powers of the Sith, and told him that he was capable of becoming a brave warrior, the eager boy jumped at the offer to protect the galaxy and went with Fenris to the Sith Academy on Korriban.

Rising of Darth HaelenEdit

Darth Fenris took it upon himself to teach and instruct Haelen during his time on Korriban, mainly to keep Haelen brainwashed and prevent him from truly questioning about the Jedi. This period of life was one of great change and difficulty for Haelen. Ostracized and hated by his fellow initiates he was deemed the weakest of the group because of his seemingly kind and chivalrous nature that Fenris had tried so hard to excise from him, and generally succeeded in diulution, but could never extinguish. Eventually through much tutelage, Haelen moved to the top percentage of his class, and had completely lost his kind nature, becoming a ruthless warrior thanks in part to the “mind torture” Fenris had inflicted on him. Academy records indicate that Haelen had even killed one of his “weaker” classmates due to poor swordsmanship during training, brutally impaling the student with a vibroblade. Fenris had watched in glee as his “apprentice” finally had grown into the evil who would serve him unquestioningly.


After graduating the Academy, Haelen naturally joined Darth Fenris, and followed him across the galaxy in search for Sith and Rakata Artifacts, and learning more of the force. Naturally the two would face many Jedi, whom which Darth Fenris had brainwashed Haelen to hate. His Disdain fueling his anger Haelen killed many Jedi alongside Darth Fenris, reveling in being soaked in their blood. However something in Haelen’s mind always questioned why the Jedi were indeed so evil, in his time in dealing with them they had not seemed as “horrible” as Darth Fenris had stated them to be, however his mind quickly shut out the idea and he had continued to serve Darth Fenris, and eventually at the age of 25 had become a full fledged Darth himself.

Eventually Haelen was tasked as becoming a hired assassin for Fenris, killing the many Jedi who stood in his way. One of which was the Jedi Tempess’Thisto, a Jedi Master who had been a thorn in Fenris’ side thwarting his attempts to find many Sith Artifacts. It had become known to Fenris that Thisto had a Padawan, named Tavia, whom he had a romantic relationship with (quite a taboo in jedi culture). Knowing this as his weakness, Fenris sent his warrior to “deal with” Thisto’s weakness as punishment for his actions against him. He ordered Haelen to systematically force Tavia to betray Tempess’Thisto by torturing her viciously until she fell to the darkside. Haelen had eventually found and captured the young Padwan, , although his mind desperately fought to convince him this was indeed wrong. Haelen succeeded in “breaking” the Padwan by bringing her to Darth Fenris. Fenris had used the same tactics on Haelen to convince Tavia that Tempess’Thisto despised her, and was only using her as a plaything. Now Fenris had his revenge, as he’d sent the two to kill Tempess’Thisto and reclaim the artifacts. Eventually when Tavia had revealed to her love of her hatred for him, Tempess was heartbroken, could not bring himself to attack the woman he’d loved. It was at this juncture that Darth Fenris had struck, entering the room, and with a restrained Tempess, systematically forced him to watch as he tortured his love infront of him near to death. Upon watching both jedi eventually break, the young boy in Haelen began to stir and push at the mental blockages Fenris had put within his mind causing severe headaches. As Fenris was about to kill Tavia, Haelen stopped him at his last moment, declaring his actions to be too drastic. It was here that Haelen began to see through the veil cast over his eyes. Realizing in an instant what horrible things he had done and what lies and what carnage he had committed he attacked Fenris in a rage he had never known before. The battle was fierce, Fenris having much trouble holding up to Haelen, eventually being bested by him, Fenris begged for mercy to which Haelen provided none. The broken sith eviscerated him tearing him piece by piece with all his might and force powers. Exhausted Haelen fell upon the mound of gore, and eventually arose to free both Tempess’Thisto and Tavia. Haelen said nothing to the two, as he freed them and left a broken man

Defection and the RepublicEdit

Broken at the realization his life was a lie, and living with the guilt of all the lives he had taken, Haelen fell into a deep and destructive depression. It was through this mindset he realized that his force powers were nothing but a blight that were only used to kill. Coming to this realization he used what resources he had left and eventually came upon to having his force powers severed. In his search on force severing he had come in contact with republic forces, and eventually was coaxed into defection as a method of penitence for his actions as a Sith. Giving Imperial secrets and insight to the republic Haelen was given a new life as republic citizen with a new name, and a clean history. Deciding his life as a Sith was over, Haelen threw away his moniker, and took upon him a name of a republic soldier he had killed who begged Haelen for his life. Naming himself Anaris Helghan, he decided his life now was forfeit and enrolled as a republic agent, requesting any missions that would help the republic regardless of the mission’s difficulty. During this time Anaris had begun to garner a better understanding of the force, being paired with Jedi during his missions he discovered much of the Jedi teachings while keeping his history as a Sith a secret. Over the next year Anaris thought about whether it was possible to return to the force, to perhaps atone for his sins, by taking the force again and fighting for the ideals his destroyed as Sith.

Reconnection to the ForceEdit

In his missions against the Empire and the Sith, Anaris realized that severed he could not fight efficiently. Although he enjoyed the feeling of a blaster in his hand, the feel of a lightsaber hilt always was in the back of his mind. Anaris finally decided to reconvene with the force while stranded on Belsavis and forced to evade and eventually confront a former Sith Ally. Seeing as he had no real way to combat the foe Anaris narrowly escaped death thanks impart to Jedi Master Tangaroa Sindrael (who’d assisted Anaris in defection the year prior), and Smuggler Lasmin Cohl. After Belsavis Anaris had spoken to Jedi Council Members and eventually was given the opportunity to have his force powers returned to him. The process however nearly proved fatal, with Anaris being hospitalized for weeks following the re-connection. Connected to the force again, he was back at the lowest level of a force user, and would now have to relearn his old ways. Anaris decided that to learn such ways he would have to rely on a Master Sindrael to become his master, to which she (joyfully) agreed.