Initiate Edit

Initiates are the newest members of the guild, and are promoted to full membership status once they show their competency in RP, as well as in-game. Participate in the guild, register for this website, present yourself well, and avoid text-speak (e.g. use "you" instead of "u") and you will become a full member in no time.

Operator Edit

This is the standard rank is for the role-playing members in good standing with the guild. Operators are expected to participate in guild chat, guild events, use (reasonably) correct grammar, and avoid text-speak in most cases.

Veteran Edit

These members have been active participants within the guild for an extended period of time, or have made a significant contributions to the guild through role-play participation or other actions. These members have shown a noticeable interest in helping the guild grow and succeed, and have stood out from the other members.

Exemplar Edit

Veterans stand out from the Operators in terms of participation, attendance, RP and combat proficiency. Similarly, Exemplars are the elite members of this guild that have managed to continue to stand out from the crowd, even amongst the veterans.

Strategist Edit

The Strategists are the role-play event planners within the guild. These members have proven themselves to be exceedingly proficient within a role-play context, and are expected to work as a team to better the RP environment within the guild.

High Council Edit

Members of the guild who hold seats on the council can be thought of as the moderators of the guild. High Council members are the officers of the guild. Class leaders, raid leaders, etc. will be found in this rank.

Advisor Edit

The final echelon of the officer rank. Advisors are expected to help with day to day management of the guild, and work with the Guild Leader and Executrus to better the guild as a whole.

Executrus Edit

The Guild's Second in Command.

Hive Mother Edit

The leader of the guild.