Aeternum Ascension is a Role-Play guild on the Republic side of the server Begeren Colony. We are currently looking for people who are interested in creating a tight-knit, role-playing community.

Recruitment policy Edit

Aeternum Ascension is actively recruiting players of all levels, classes, and RP experience. To apply to the guild, fill out an application at our website so that we can be sure you will be able to see our online content when you are admitted to the guild. Website applicants are generally contacted within a day to set up an IC Interview.

Most new recruits will be undergoing an In-Character (IC) interviewing process before being admitted to the guild. This interview will be conducted entirely in-character. Over the course of the interview, the interviewer is expected to pay close attention to how the potential recruit role-plays. It is not our intent to judge how well they can role-play in an interview context, but to get a feel for the player, whether or not they can use proper English, reasonable spelling, grammar, and punctuation, or at a minimum, seem to have a desire to improve. After all, this is a Role-Play guild, and potential applicants must be able to communicate well.

Additionally, any interviewee should be given a brief explanation of Aeternum Ascension's goals and what we are all about by the interviewer.

Private IC-Chat channel Edit

We currently have an In-Character chat channel. The channel is intended to be an In-Character text-based RP HQ set in the guild starship. All members of the guild are encouraged to join and participate!

Type /cjoin AAHQ to join the channel.

RP events Edit

Due to the success of our original RP events, we have decided to hold them weekly! Every Sunday at 6:00 PM, PST we hold RP gatherings at various locales throughout the game. All members of the guild are welcome and encouraged to attend.

We also host other, non-regularly recurring RP events (such as Duel Night or IC Imperial City Raids) which will be posted on the guild calender. Sign-ups are highly encouraged, but not necessary.

Master/Apprentice system Edit

All members of the guild are encouraged to take part in the guild's Master/Apprentice RP system regardless of class or level. We do our best to ensure that Jedi, Troopers and Smugglers are paired with their own if they choose, and different class pairings are welcome as well. If you would like to participate, there is a thread on the forums dedicated to this topic. Read the instructions, leave a post and inform an officer and we'll do our best to pair you up. Or, feel free to pair yourselves up within the guild, just make sure to let an officer know so we can add you to the list and make it official.

Mumble server Edit

Download mumble here:

Server info: Port: 64738

When installing the program make a self signed certificate. There will be a certificate presented by server msg on first login. Allow it.

If prompted for a password by the server, the password can be found here

Guild rules Edit

Members of the guild are expected to abide by a few rules and display common sense in their actions. Additionally, members are expected to participate in guild-sponsored events when possible.

See the rank page for more information about guild ranks.

1.) Respect other players at all times, especially guild-mates.

2.) Limit text-speak to a minimum (e.g. i c wut u did thar).

3.) 3 alts above level 10 are welcome to join the guild.

4.) Raid Rules

5.) Racism, sexism, or any other form of hate-speech will not be tolerated.

6.) Watch your language - to an extent, profanity and sexuality are tolerated, but don't go over the top. Try to keep guildchat PG-13, occasional R is okay, but let's attempt to avoid NC-17 for the most part.

7.) Guild-Chat is out of Character. Similarly, keep the In-Character channel IC.

8.) This is an RP guild, abrasive character personalities are okay, but be reasonable.

9.) Members holding the Operator rank that are absent for 21 days or more are subject to removal.

10.) Try to help guild members and answer questions when possible. At the same time, guildchat is not the SWTOR FAQ, use google responsibly.

11.) When running flashpoints with a guild group, try to keep the loot fairly distributed (if you've won something, consider rolling greed to give others of your class a chance to get gear as well).

12.) Be Mature.

Advancement and ranks Edit

Information on guild ranks can be found here.