Lt. Kurn was on a standard recon mission on Ilum, it was a simple and easy mission as can be expected for a Spec. Ops. Team, but this definitely did not end as routine as expected. His assignment was to investigate and discover the source of random power readings from a remote and semi-isolated location of the frozen planet. Upon arrival in the designated area the Lt. and his squad noticed definite signs of activity, whoever or whatever was out here either had no interest in keeping their presence hidden or had no clue on how to keep it a secret. Regardless of how things looked, Lt. Kurn and his team took all the routine precautions as they approached the cavern that showed to be the destination of the disturbed snow and foot prints.

As they got closer, the team was able to find the remains of a badly damaged personal space cruiser, and a closer look showed that all survival gear had been taken by the survivor to the cave. As Hassedo and the team made progress in their investigation one of his squad members noticed that the foot prints made several trips back and forth, and one more trek out of the cavern heading in the direction of the Republic base camps. The team radio operator made contact with both the Way Station and the Forward Base Camp and neither reported anyone showing up or any unusual activity around either camp perimeter.

While the team searched the ship and the surrounding area, Lt. Kurn began an attempt to retrieve any kind of flight data, duration of flight, point of origin, or personal logs …. nothing. The best he could do was a result of simple math and knowing star drives, by way of power loss and engine capabilities, he was able to determine that the vessel must have come from deep within wild space, a long way to go just crash on a remote ice cube. Nothing by way of logs or other data gave any kind of clue as to who had crashed. The only thing they new to be fact was that whoever had crashed was definitely hurt as was evident by the blood scattered in the cabin.

Once the Lt. and his team completed the search and investigation of the ship and surrounding area, they went on to search the cavern. Still not knowing who or what they could expect to find in there, Hassedo wasn’t going to take chances and following procedure had the team on full alert with weapons drawn and ready for any combat. As the team progressed thru the winding entrance they made it into an open area where all the items from the ship were. An impromptu shelter erected with no signs of life, but it was evident that the person or persons had been here for at least a few days. It didn’t take long for the squad to find the source of the power readings, it was a small generator that provided minimal power for the shelter. Once again the searching and investigating started up and it was here that the last thing they would have ever expected find, was found ….. a baby!

A little baby boy, wrapped up in blankets and in a small bed. The boy gave further evidence in Lt. Kurn's idea that the ship started from wild space, he was a Chiss. None of the men had much knowledge of the Chiss people except for what they learned in basic training while studying allies of the Empire. No signs of the child’s mother to speak of, even after a more detailed survey from deeper into the cavern, it was becoming apparent that the foot prints leading away from the cave must have been the child’s parent or care giver … but why did he or she leave the child behind unattended? This was going to be a question that they would find no answer to. It was here in the camp that they found their first break in regards as to the who's and why's, a personal journal that confirmed it was indeed the baby’s mother that was here. The first half of it must have been in the language of the Chiss people as no one could make heads or tails as to what it said, however the latter half was in Sy Bisti, the parts that they were able to read gave sporadic details of the mothers hasty retreat from Csilla, the Chiss home world and that there was something about the child that frightened the mother enough that she felt it was imperative that she flee her family, her home, her life and live in hiding .

Areg'owro'nive of the third ruling family on Csilla, Hassedo and the squad finally had a name for the child and info on who he was. Sgt. York was the most knowledgeable about the Chiss of them all, and even what he knew was very little, but it was enough to know that at times the Chiss allowed those of other races use a shortened version of their name … Gowron. Sgt. York was also able to give some insight as to the possible reason for her to land here, as Csilla is also a frozen planet, perhaps she felt that if she must hide it might as well be on a planet that was similar in environment to what she was accustomed to.

Hassedo picked the child up and instantly was reminded of his little brother, Devlar. He had the same feeling and sensation holding this child as he did when he was near his brother, but how could this be? The Chiss were not know to be force sensitive, but Gowron definitely made Hassedo think of Devlar and that was the only reason he could think of for it. It was this similarity that drew Hassedo to the boy, and his squad took note and pointed out that Gowron was definitely taken with the Lt., it was as if the second Hassedo and Gowron looked in each others eyes a type of parental bond had formed between them. Once they finished searching, they gathered up anything that resembled personal items for the boy and bundled him up tightly to keep him warm as they made their way back to the transport, but all the while one thought remained tugging on Hassedo's mind, what was so terrifying that it would cause the mother to apparently flee for her life and the safety of her child?

From the moment Lt. Kurn and team arrived at the crash site, they were unaware of another set of eyes with keen interest watching them carefully. Rivin, a bounty hunter for the Empire who just happened to also be Chiss had been tracking Gowron's mother since before she left her home world. The head of the first ruling family wanted the child dead and contracted Rivin to track him and his mother and put an end to them. They new Gowron was different, they knew he was force sensitive and strong in the force even at birth. With the mothers distrust of the Sith and knowing that the Sith felt that anyone not pure blood were beyond inferior, and treated very harshly, she wanted her son as far away from them as possible. Rivin couldn’t care less about the reasons, he just knew that he was offered a LOT of money kill them, and nothing motivated him more that money.

Riven stayed hidden at the top of the cliff overlooking the crash and cursed himself for not getting here sooner as he watched some Republic squad searching the crash site. Even he was amazed at his uncanny luck at finding the mother walking towards the Republic bases, obviously attempting to seek aid and safety. At over 750 yards away, his scope was gave clear LOS and his rifle was poised to shoot, as she made her way to possible safety, a slight sense of relief and even allowing herself a moment of hope, with one pull of Rivin's trigger her hope, and relief were reduced to blood and brain matter scattered around the untouched snow ahead of her. One target down and one to go, this was shaping up to be the biggest AND easiest payday he has ever had. It was that sense of over confidence that let him relax a bit and the end result was being mere minutes behind Lt. Kurn's arrival.

Being an experienced bounty hunter, he knew that it would be a suicide mission to try and take on a Republic squad on his own, sure he could kill one perhaps two before they returned fire, but what good does it do to kill two only to get himself killed … corpses cant collect on bounties. He laid there looking at each one of them thru his scope, dedicating their names and faces to memory, clearly the big Lieutenant named Kurn was in charge and as they entered the cavern he held on to a sliver of hope that child wasn’t in there. Rivin waited patiently for the Hassedo and his squad to exit the cavern and as they did his hopes were shattered as Kurn came out carrying a child. At that moment Rivin vowed that at some point in time, money or no money, Kurn and that child will die.

Lieutenant Hassedo Kurn arrived at the Republic base camp with the baby and immediately took Gowron to the medical teams to have him examined, and then went to the base commanding officer for his debriefing. After several days of meetings and review committees, and after receiving permission from the Senate, he was allowed to adopt Gowron as his own son to raise. After all the meetings and holo conference call's, Hassedo returned home to Coruscant and took Gowron to his parents who looked after him while Hassedo was out on assignments. Gowron was living a safe and healthy life with Hassedo and his parents and it was at the age of five that he was taken to the Jedi Counsel for testing, and was taken in the same day where he grew up training at the temple and was still able to see his family.

On the day that Gowron was found by Lt. Kurn several things happened that were unseen to him. First, he was able to have the joy that only comes from being a father. Second, he and Gowron received permanent targets on their heads by Riven, a life long rival that over the years would result in several encounters and third …. a fear in the Chiss hierarchy, and a slight concern withing the Sith and Empire that a Chiss child was allowed to live and be trained as a Jedi. In spite of all the doubts and concerns about a Chiss trained in the ways of a Jedi, Gowron grew strong in the force and shares his fathers devotion and love of the Republic and knows the joys and satisfaction that come from defending her people … rescuing the oppressed, bringing hope to those in need, and always on guard for those who would try and bring harm to the Republic and its citizens.


Like his father, he is very loyal and has a strong devotion to the Republic, its people and his family. While he never received and real harassment
because of his race, he still tends to try and hide his face in an effort to be taken for who he is and not what he is.
Interests: Archaeology and giving aid and helping the many orphanages throughout the Republic



Rivin, a Chiss bounty hunter and the first ruling family of the Chiss Ascendancy