I was born and raised to the age of 7 on the planet Hoth. My parents were parts scavengers and struggled to support me. In an effort to give me a better life my father made for a newly crashed cargo ship that supposedly had vast amounts of artifacts and crystals stolen from the jedi enclave on Yavin.

When he arrived at the crash site he indeed found the artifacts but also found another surprise. A sith master and his apprentice were found as well, and while clever; my father didnt make very far before he was taken and tortured. The master tortured him until he was brainwashed. My father being confused led the apprentice to the cold dark cave that we lived in. Within seconds of stepping in the entrance the apprentice made an attempt to take me captive and take me back to his master. My mother realizing what the sith had come for put herself in between the sith and myself. Before I even realized what was happening I saw the warm crimson glow of a lightsaber flash through my mothers stomach. With a loud piercing scream I thrust my hands forward and charged the sith. caught off guard the sith flew with great force towards the back of the cave grunting as he hit. I realized that in my fit of rage I had used the force and thrust the sith into a sharpe edge at the back of the cave killing him instantly. At that moment I realized what the sith had come for...I was force sensitive! I rushed to my mothers body just in time to see the life leave her eyes. I quickly wiped my tears and rushed towards my father who was still standing dazed at the entrance. After he had come to he explained to me what had happened and what he had found. Luckily he had grabbed a few artifacts and handed them to me telling me to go to the nearest settlement and pay for a way off the planet. He told me to go to Tython and find the jedi there and follow them. Never disagreeing with my father I quickly packed a bag and dressed warm as I could. My journey would be long and cold and the sun was mere hours from setting. I quickly rushed to my father and with his nod of approval I headed out of the cave towards the only settlement I knew of. within minutes it seemed the temperature had dropped lower than I would have liked to travel in but knew that I would die if I stopped. soon enough I got the feeling of a warm wind on my face and as I looked up from under my scarf I saw a form that looked like a woman standing with her arms open. I tried to run to the open arms of the woman but no matter what I couldnt reach their embrace. Before I knew it I *clunk* I ran into a metal wall. As I looked around I realized that it was the settlement my father was talking about. I ran to the gates and not a second later the gates slowly opened. my eyes faded to darkness at this moment and I remember falling onto the cold hard ice in front of the gate.

20 years later:

My life went by quickly the next couple of decades. I made it to tython, delivered the artifacts and began my training as a jedi. As more time went by and my skills grew I climbed my way through being a padawan and made Knight status. Through many quests and honorable feats I came to the republic fleet and formed a group of jedi with a few talented force users. Unfortunately it did not hold together. the leader of the group was focussed on power and only on herself. A friend of mine that I had made named Ganjjanna and I left in search of another group that would be willing to do whatever it took to preserve the Republic and strive for justice. A few months later we found a group that called themselves Aeternum Ascension. Quickly we found that the leaders of the group were that of pure light and honesty. We made our case and soon after joined up to gratefully become part of one of the largest and most successful groups that we had seen.

  • to be continued*


Berethar is a very pure and generous being. If he can help anyone in need he will do so. He is dedicated solely to the power of light and the jedi order. He is not to quick to judge and is very open minded about any circumstance. He will never betray a friend and is honest and straight forward. He dislikes anger and drama and will solve a conflict with words before using his strength. He wishes to make the galaxy a better place and will stop at nothing to do so.


Berethar is interested in artifacts and lore and is deeply interested in the force. All his life he has studied it and looked at it from many different points of view. He is also interested in collecting rare items and finding out the meaning of different emotions.


Berethar is slow to let people close to him...only a few have managed to do so: His close friend and apprentice Ganjjanna and His friend Antisthenes. As far as enemies go he is open minded about anyone and until they act against him or the ones he cares for no one is his enemy.