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Captain Ash aboard her starship, packing her custom B-405 Blaster Pistol.


Ashelyn was born on Mirial in a wealthy but cultured family, life for her was easy at first, But that was until the Empire came back guns blazing when she was 6 years of age. She watched in horror on the holonet the carnage and brutality the Empire brought to its enslaved worlds. Her father then started to teach her the tricks of the trade for being a Freighter Captain for....."Investment opportunities" as he said, helping her learn to stay alive all by herself, stealing blasters, food and med-kits from local gangsters when she was about 9 years old. 2 years of doing this has helped their family provide for the refugess coming to Mirial that had their homes destroyed by the Empire's invasion of their homeworlds. It was then that Mirial came under fire, and escape shuttles were booking fast. Ash and her siblings, Dastena and Nithastri were told by their parents to leave without them. As the shuttle left Mirial to Nar Shaddaa, Ash watched out the shuttle window at the burning cities on the world. But this hardened her resolve. Giving her a will to do what's necessary to put the Empire down on the ground where it belongs after messing her life up like this. She saw her elder sister and brother off, Dastena left Nar Shaddaa for Special Forces Training in the Republic Military, Nithastri whent to Tython to train for becoming a Jedi. Being alone and making a living in the galactic Underworld has earned her a reputation for getting results, and this had made her into the woman she is today, despite her age.


Ashelyn's time in working for the Hutt Cartel and different employers has given her a cocky, smartassey and rather joyfull attitude. But sometimes when it comes to fighting the Empire, She's very serious about it.


Ashelyn's interests in tech and starships has made her into a technological savant, Making her an ideal starship mechanic and computer hacker extraordinare. If she can't fix it, it ain't broke.

Misc. DetailsEdit

She has a deep scar running from her right cheek, up her nose and to her forehead after crossing a Mandalorian Bounty Hunter with a very sharp Vibroblade. (Ash's theme song: )


Ash has a thing for nice looking artwork, but she loooooves stealing from Imperial Museums and selling the stuff to the Galactic Market for a decent price. And if she can't steal it, She'll blow it up.


Tana(Step Sister) Cyromas(Boss) Dastena(Elder Sibling) Nithastri(Elder Sibling) Lunri(Best Friend) Aluranar(Love Interest) Tangaroa(Best Friend) Trestkon(Best Friend)